Practical Workshops and training for Accountants

PTAAT trainings are carefully designed and structured to simulate the work environment and to give participants the necessary practical skills to enable them understand and prepare accounts from source documents to the Balance sheet. The training is offered in one of four forms

  • 12 months six core workshops
  • 6 months four core workshops
  • 3 months two core workshops and
  • Standalone Training

The workshops are designed for:

  • Those that have no practical accounting or audit experience
  • Those who although are working but have never prepared accounts by themselves from actual source documents to the balance sheet

Financial Accounting

Participants will learn how to prepare client’s account. Designing an accounting system.

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Cloud Accounting

Training Module includes how to installation and setup Accounting Software packages.

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Management Accounting

Participants will understand the roles and responsibilities of a Management Accountants.

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Internal Auditing

Training includes how to prepare for an audit. Preparation of audit schedules to reduce audit fees.

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Financial Modelling Training

How to use Spreadsheet to prepare clients account using an Extended Trial Balance.

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Incomplete Records

How to prepare a Clients account from incomplete records, using cloud Accounting Software.

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